Mo’ Data Mo’ Problems!

August 16, 2016

The 10 Hack Commandments

Notorious C.I.O. used to love it when you called him “Big Data”, but these days it feels like the more data he comes across the more problems he sees. He also used to have a “the sky’s the limit” attitude toward big data, but after his big data living caught up to his bad risk mitigation strategy, Notorious C.I.O.’s company got hacked, and he got fired.

With so many data breaches leading to the firing of high level C-suite executives, it seems the whole world must be taking the wrong approach to data-loss risk mitigation. It’s time we finally start learning from the mistakes of our past, by adopting these 10 Hack Commandments:

1. Don’t expose more data than you need to

2. Don’t let bad guys know your next move

3. Don’t trust anybody if you don’t have to

4. Don’t roll your own security

5. Update and follow your privacy policy

6. Manage your 3rd party vendors

7. Don’t use your work computer for personal use

8. Watch yourself on open networks

9. Recognize that data breaches WILL turn away customers

10. Don’t store data you don’t need to

Ignore these 10 Hack Commandments at your own peril, but remember that if you do, your former colleagues just might start singing “I’ll be missing you,” that is if they aren’t still mad about the whole data breach thing…

Whistic is an award winning risk assessment and analytics platform that makes it easy for companies to assess service providers or self assess against compliance and security standards (e.g. PCI, DSS). Headquartered in Orem, Utah at the heart of the Silicon Slopes, Whistic is the creator of the CrowdConfidence TM scoring algorithm that leverages the wisdom of crowds to assess the residual risk of sharing data with a vendor. Whistic was the recipient of the “Best Enterprise” award at the World’s Largest Startup Event: Launch Festival 2016.

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Andrew Watanabe
Andrew Watanabe

Chief Product Officer @ Whistic

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