3 Reasons Security Will Help You Win Deals in 2021

January 26, 2021

The evolution of Information Security has long been a winding road. For many years, the job function of security was relatively unknown and low-risk, as on-premises servers and hardware systems housed most data. Then, InfoSec teams became almost synonymous with reacting to security breaches, hacks, or issues that occurred somewhere in the security process. Today, however, our interconnected world means Information Security is front and center in many conversations across an organization—even sales.


The growing relationship between sales and security

Most salespeople are always on the prowl for new ways to satisfy prospects and close deals. They’re constantly bringing in other resources (subject matter experts) from across an organization to help bring a point home or appease a customer concern. 

As security has become one of the top issues for many SaaS-based organizations (and even for larger traditional companies looking to partner with technology organizations), InfoSec teams have become defacto SME’s for many sales conversations the last year.


How security can help win deals

1. Vendor security is a huge focus in the tech world right now, and prospective customers and partners will be asking questions during the sales cycle. 

Every day it seems as though there is a new story of a corporate data breach, and organizations know that working with a third-party vendor could open their system to vulnerabilities. New customers will want to make sure their internal security regulations align with any organization they’re partnering with so there are no vulnerabilities or compliance issues.   


2. As industries become more open-source, customers expect their vendors to connect to other vendors, clients, and partners securely. 

Working with third-party data is no longer a one-to-one connection. By accessing a customer’s information, your organization will also have access to all of their customer, vendor, and internal data, which creates an even bigger risk.


3. Sales cycles can be notoriously drawn out, and anywhere your InfoSec team can help streamline the process can help close deals faster. 

Traditionally, InfoSec teams are brought into a sales conversation to answer specific prospect questions around security vulnerabilities. These conversations, however, can lead to protracted talks on vendor assessments and compliance regulations. If your team can speed up the sales cycle—using a streamlined vendor assessment solution like Whistic—instead of slowing things down, the InfoSec portion of sales meetings could be seen as a highlight.


Want to learn more?

As an industry leader in vendor risk management and vendor risk assessments, Whistic is dedicated to preparing and educating industry leaders on the importance of vendor security across different departments. 

You can learn more about Whistic and vendor risk management here.

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