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Safe Harbor has been replaced by Privacy Shield. Take the mystery out of compliance with Whistic's free readiness assessment.

Safe Harbor Upgrade
Start From Scratch
If you transfer the personal data of European Union citizens to the United States then you need Privacy Shield, and Whistic can help.
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STEP 1: Self Assessment

Whistic's online self-assessment tool walks you through a series of questions to figure out what you need to do to comply.

  Expect ~ 30 minutes

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STEP 2: Team Collaboration

Self assessing is easy - assign questions, set due dates, track changes, and hold people accountable without leaving your chair. Now it's easy to get answers from the people who have them.

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STEP 3: The Report

You will receive a free Privacy Shield gap analysis detailing what you need to do to comply.

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STEP 4: Registration

Participation in the Privacy Shield requires an annual registration. Whistic can file on your behalf, freeing you up for more important activities.

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STEP 5: But wait, there's more!

Whistic also enables you to create and privately share your IT security profile with customers, helping you put your best foot forward, avoid repetitive risk assessments, and save time.

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Readiness self assessments are free. Maintaining your Privacy Shield registration starts at just $350/month.
Transitioning from Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield?

There are a few key areas of change to pay attention to:

  • Safe Harbor is no longer valid as of 08/01/2016
  • There are new requirements for onward transfers
  • There are new requirements for privacy policies
  • and a lot more changes
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Whistic's pricing model makes compliance attainable for everyone from large enterprises to young startups.


$ 350 / month

billed annually

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Prescriptive Gap Analysis
  • * Independent Recourse Mechanism
  • Privacy Policy Templates

Additional Fees:

* Independent Resource Mechanism (optional): Whistic can provide independent recourse mechanism services as an additional benefit for customers according to the fee schedule below.

Privacy Shield Cost Recovery Fee: The International Trade Administration (ITA) has implemented a cost recovery program to support Privacy Shield's operations. This will require U.S. organizations to pay an annual, revenue-based fee to the ITA in order to participate in the Privacy Shield. Should you elect to have Whistic register on your behalf, these fees will be collected and remitted to the ITA in addition to the price of Whistic's services.

Organization's Annual Revenue Annual ITA Cost Recovery Fee Annual Independent Recourse Mechanism Fees
$0 to $5 million $250 $1,000
Over $5 million to $25 million $650 $2,000
Over $25 million to $500 million $1,000 $2,500
Over $500 million to $5 billion $2,500 $5,500
Over $5 billion $3,250 $8,500
* Whistic Annual Privacy Shield Report 2016-2017